Lenovo Flex 5 Review Best Laptop Under 700

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Laptop market faces dramatic change because if smartphone and tablet. To fulfill market’s demand, Lenovo introduces new device with capability to become laptop and tablet at the same time. It has name Lenovo Flex 5 with folding or rotating mode to turn its display. This product is the best laptop under 700 because the price is affordable and it goes side by side with its features and technology.

lenovo flex 5 review

It has display size of 15.6 inch and screen resolution at 1920 x 1080 pixels. At the first glance, you may think this size is too big to be a tablet. However, you will enjoy full HD, IPS, and anti-glare features for playing game via tablet mode. Vivid graphic has a support from Intel HD Graphics. Lenovo uses dark tone for entire body and thin layer to make it lightweight. You can carry this laptop inside backpack then fold it when you need tablet mode. As one of the best laptops under 700, such specs are very promising for gamer or designer. Moreover, the display is multi-touch mode to support any task.

As the top laptop under 700, technology is the key to keep it at the top list. It uses processor Intel Core i5 7200U and capable to boost up to 3.1 GHz using turbo boost. It gives faster processing and easy working when you have multitasking projects. Its RAM is 8 GB and 1 TB for HDD. If you need more capacity, the RAM is up-gradable to 16 GB. 1 TB HDD is enough to store many files.

This device belongs into the top laptops under 700 for more than price aspect. Advanced technology and features give more capability. It has Bluetooth 4.1, USB 3.0, USB 2.0, wireless 802.11ac, and HDMI port. Another feature is fingerprint reader to recognize owner fingerprint for security purpose. Moreover, you can protect file and date on this laptop from unauthorized access. Moreover, wireless adapter provides faster connectivity when you need internet access.

For entertainment, Lenovo works together with Harman and Dolby to deliver ultimate audio quality. Internal speaker comes from Harman that everyone recognizes as the top manufacturer in audio device. For sound technology, Dolby gives vivid sounds to enjoy favorite music and movie. It also has responsive track pad and keyboard to support its utility. For operating system, Lenovo Flex 5 relies on Windows 10. Those specs and features are the reasons why this product becomes the best laptop for under 700.

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