Top 10 Best Single Cup Coffee Maker of 2018 Reviews

What is the best single cup coffee maker that you should have for your personal use, and why one cup maker, anyway? Well, as you may be aware of, there are loads and tons of coffee makers out there. Some are designed to accommodate several cups per one making, while some are designed to accommodate more than 10 cups. Some are designed for one cup only, especially if it is used for one coffee drinker only and it is for personal enjoyment. What make this coffee maker special are the compact size and the handy features. You’d be surprised to find out that there are myriads of useful features that you can find from a seemingly compact device. Of course, they are designed to improve your enjoyment and ease of use.

Mind you that each of these makers has their own signature styles and special designs – no makers will be the same. Sure, they may share several features or usages such as milk container for making milk froth or removable parts for easy cleaning. But each of them is unique in their own way. That’s why you should be making an extensive and thorough research to find out which one would be the best for you. So, ready to start the journey?

the 10 best single cup coffee maker

The Best Single Cup Coffee Maker

When we are talking about the best one cup coffee maker that will make your one cup coffee feels special and unique, there are some great options to ponder about. Not only they are known for the exclusive design and construction, they are also known for making tasty coffee. Imagine the enjoyment you can have when you have one at home, home office, or even at work.

1. Keurig Programmable K250 K-Cup Pod Maker

If you are looking at this coffee maker from Keurig, you will see a sleek and modern machine. It is elegant and somewhat exclusive and yet the overall design is pretty simple. There are so many useful features that make this machine one of the best K cup coffee maker in the industry. The water reservoir is able to accommodate 40 oz of water so it is quite big. With LCD touchscreen model, running the machine is super easy. The setting is adjustable, allowing you to have easier usage as well as making the coffee just the way you like it. Another cool thing about this machine is that it comes in several bright colors so they can really spark your kitchen.


  • The machine is colorful and compact.
  • The operation and usage are simple.
  • You are free to make adjustments and changes.


  • You have to turn it off manually because there is no automatic setting for it.
  • It can only make 10 ounce of coffee a pod so you will have to use several pods when you want to have more coffee.
  • It doesn’t have temperature control either.

2. VertuoLine Nespresso Coffee and Espresso Evoluo Maker

This is another example of the best K cup coffee maker to have at home, especially if you really love your coffee with cream. And how are you going to make the coffee and the espresso? You only need to push a single button and you are done! The machine is quite big because it has two capsules: one of the coffee and one for the espresso. You only need to slide the two of them and you are good to go. The machine only takes 15 seconds to heat up. Not to mention that there are several removable parts to make operation easier, such as capsule container, water tank, and also cup support. There is an auto shut off if you don’t use the machine for 9 minutes. Pretty cool, huh?


  • It is super handy, even when you make coffee with tall glasses.
  • The features are advanced and handy.
  • Operating the machine is easy, as well as maintenance and cleaning.
  • The design is stylish and elegant. It will look nice in your kitchen.


  • The machine is quite big so you need to consider space and how you are going to place it.
  • You need to read the manual first because it takes a few tweaks and adjustments before you can use it perfectly.
  • It doesn’t have any temperature control which can be a problem for those wanting hotter coffee.

3. Keurig Programmable K55 Single Serve Pod Maker

If you are looking for a machine that can produce tasty coffee, this is the one to choose. It uses two water filters with a water filter handle that can improve the taste and flavor of your brew. It is able to accommodate different size of pods, starting from 6 ounce to 10 ounce so you can really enjoy the freedom in getting the coffee that you want. The water reservoir is pretty big, allowing you to make six cups before you have to refill it again. As one of the best single cup coffee maker in the market, this machine has a special feature that will make cleaning easy. The descaling process will remove any calcium pileup inside the maker so you don’t have to worry about any buildup.


  • Operating the machine is super easy and fast.
  • The operating buttons make it super nice and handy to make adjustments to your coffee.
  • It has automatic turn off system.


  • The automatic shutdown system takes too long to activate. When you haven’t used the machine for two hours, it will automatically turn itself off.
  • Some users complain that the machine stops working after only being used for several weeks.

4. Inissia Nespresso Espresso Maker

Do you want a coffee maker that looks somewhat funky and modern? Well, this is the type to choose! Although you can always choose the black, this machine is also available in various colors and all of them are super fun and colorful. With pressure pump with 19 bars and quite fast preheating time, you will have such enjoyable time with the tasty coffee. The machine is compact and there is special automatic on and off for efficient use.


  • There are different programmable buttons for making espresso and other types of coffee.
  • It comes with nice energy rating system.
  • The auto turn off system is handy; it activates after 9 minutes of being idle.


  • The combination of metal and plastic is great but it would be better if they stick to metal only so it doesn’t have the cheap plastic-y feel.
  • Coming up with variations of coffee can be overwhelming. That’s why it is better to keep the Coffee Menu booklet.
  • Preheating is quite long when compared to other brands: 25 seconds.

5. Premium SS-10 Cuisinart Coffee Maker

If you don’t like those plastic makers, this stainless steel can be your best option. No wonder it is claimed as one of the best single serve coffee maker because of the many handy features. You can make your favorite cup, ranging from 4 ounce to 12 ounce. Well, this machine can accommodate 5 of them before you have to refill it again. It comes with hot water button, so feel free to enjoy any hot beverages or soup anytime you like. It also comes with rinse feature which allows auto cleansing system on the inside part of the chamber. The LCD control panel makes it easy for convenient viewing. And thanks to the charcoal water filter, the coffee will never taste better.


  • It is a quiet machine, which is very nice.
  • It doesn’t take a long time from the preparation to the brewing moment.
  • Everything is programmable and easily adjusted, especially with the temperature control and the automatic on and off system.

Bottom of Form


  • There is no warning system for the water reservoir so you don’t really know if the water level is low. It would be nice to have a blinking system so you know when to refill it.

6. MCU Multi-Use BUNN Single Cup Coffee Brewer

If you don’t really like the instant coffee and you prefer your own ground coffee, this is the machine to look for. The cup drawer fits perfectly for coffee pod but there is also another container for the ground coffee. You can even use it to make tea, whether with loose tea or tea bags. Making the hot beverage can be done within one minute, so it is super-fast and efficient. It may not be the best single cup coffee maker with grinder as it doesn’t come with the in-built grinder but you can be sure that your ground coffee result will be smooth and simply tasty.


  • Fast operating system – from the preparation to the making.
  • Making adjustment is easy.
  • The multifunctional use is super handy and effective.


  • The result for the ground coffee isn’t as much as the regular one.
  • Some users may experience the machine stop working after a while.
  • You can’t operate the machine right away. Make time to read the manuals to understand it better.

7. Personal Black + Decker Brew ‘n Go Travel Mug Coffee Maker

This is a super compact and handy coffee maker with its own travel mug – perfect for the busy professionals on the go. With the 15 ounce travel mug, you can directly brew the coffee on the mug; no need to pour or remove the coffee elsewhere. It comes with permanent filter so there won’t be any extra spending for the filter paper. Moreover, with the automatic systems of temperature control or automatic on and off, managing one will be such a breeze. The machine is compact and light. You can place it anywhere without hassle or trouble. It allows you to use coffee grounds or pods which one you like the best.


  • It saves you a lot of money from enjoying tasty coffee on the go.
  • Managing the brew is easy. Making changes is also easy.
  • The travel mug is one of the best features ever designed and created.


  • The ground coffee can splatter inside the machine so cleaning will be difficult.
  • Some users experience problems when the coffee maker starts working just like that.

8. French-Press Cafejo Adaptor Plus

If you like using your French-press to produce high quality coffee, then this machine from Cafejo will be the best option. It is inexpensive. It is portable and light. It is compact. It is easy to clean, thanks to the simple design. The machine comes with handy adaptors for the ground coffee as well as coffee pod. That’s why you can enjoy different kinds of variants. The machine is compatible with the coffee pods from Kuerig, finding your favorite cup should be easy. With so many handy features, it is no wonder if this machine is considered as one of the best one cup coffee maker ever designed.


  • The portability is great; it is nice and feels just right when held.
  • It is perfectly handy for any outdoor activities.


  • The heating pitcher may require bigger diameter because there is always a spill when the water starts boiling.

9. Single Serve Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker

Thanks to the built in stand, it allows coffee mugs or travel cup depending which one you like better. Unlike the other machines that accommodate coffee pods, this one is designed for the ground coffee so you can expect a natural and original flavor. It is made from stainless steel so it is solid and sturdy. The scoop mechanism is very simple and handy. You can enjoy the tasty coffee whether with bold preference or finer texture. No wonder if this machine is considered as one of the best one cup coffee makers for ground coffee. You can’t replace originality.


  • You can expect exact proportion with each scoop.
  • Making adjustments and changes is super easy.
  • Whether it is the regular or bolder coffee, you can expect the perfect taste.


  • The machine is pretty heavy.
  • It would be nice if the manufacturer also includes paper filter as the alternative.

10. K45 Elite Keurig Brewing System

This machine comes with charcoal filter for tastier coffee. The drip tray is removable so you can have easy access for bigger and taller mugs. With 48 ounce of water reservoir, you can brew several cups before having to refill it. It also comes with the descaling system or better cleaning. Operating one is easy; you just have to follow the directions to the letter. It comes with various size of brewing, starting from 6 ounce to 10 ounce. Brewing system works in less than a minute. It also comes with indicator lights and automatic on and off system.


  • The automatic on and off features are handy for efficient use.
  • It doesn’t take a long time for enjoying a cup of hot coffee


  • Some of the users have experienced problems where each part starts stop functioning one by one.
  • The water tends to be pumped back to the tank and not to the cup.

There you go; some of the best single brew coffee maker in the morning. If you spend most of your money buying a cup, having one coffee maker can really save you a lot of money. As you can see, each one of these machines has their own strength and flaws. It is up to choose the best single serve coffee maker that meets your requirements and comfort.

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