Razor 62042 High Roller BMX/Freestyle Bike Review

Razor Roller Bike is one of the Best BMX Freestyle Bikes

If you are looking for an inexpensive bike for your kids, this Razor BMX High Roller bike can be the best option. It is one of the best BMX bikes under 300. In fact, it is less than $100 so you don’t have to worry about making extra spending.

There is nothing complicated or fussy about this bike. It is a freestyle bike with quite solid construction and sturdy quality. It is an imported item made mostly from steel. The pegs front wheel makes it flexible and versatile, including the nice bolt stem. The frame is nice and tough, made entirely from steel. However, you will have to do some of the installation and assemble on yourself. You will have to set the pegs, seat, front tire, and pedals. In most cases, you need to straighten the front brake cable as well as the handlebar.

The setup isn’t difficult but you may have to spend extra work because most users are having difficulty placing the front wheel to the fork. It takes a while but it is manageable, in the end. However, if you can’t really set the wheel to the fork, don’t push it. Go to a pro. You may have to spend extra for the service but it is worth it, than having to pay for the medical bills. The front wheel arrangement and design is somewhat flimsy so it may not come to you in a perfect shape.

This may not be the best brand BMX bikes but the overall quality and construction is pretty okay, considering the low price. Most parents think that this bike is pretty okay but not amazing or overly great. Is it great for kids? Yes, it is, especially for small kids as the wheels diameter is only 20 inches. Make sure that your kids have the right weight too. If they are too heavy, it is possible that the bike won’t hold up.

In the overall condition, the bike is pretty okay. It is quite solid and buff, as long as it is being used properly by the right users and by the right weight. For the price, the quality is okay – even better for the line – but don’t expect it to be super amazing or impressive. If you want to have the premium quality, you need to find the higher line. It is one of the best BMX freestyle bikes for kids. It comes with all the right features, a sturdy construction, and a reliable quality. For a freestyle bike, it is above the standard.

Proline Pro XL 20 BMX Race Review

Best Pro BMX Bike in the Proline Redline Type

What is the best BMX bike? In case you are wondering about such a question, you need to check on some of the top brand options. Proline is one of the reliable names in the industry so you are making a wise choice when you decide to have one. It has some of the best features in the industry. It is not a bike for newbie or beginner, for sure, but it is definitely a bike for professionals or for advanced users. But teenagers who want to explore the sports or get the feel of the bike can always try for one.

Just like the other variants from Proline, as well as the racing variant, this Pro XL is designed for those into racing. This bike is created for users above 15 years of age or at least, taller than 5 foot 6 inch height. If you think you are ready to be more serious about bike race, you need to have the right support. And choosing the right bike should be your first step in this process.

The bike is made from the high quality material, such as integrated HT, Euro BB, and alloy proprietary Redline 6061 formed tube. It is also completed with multi butted construction fork, chromo RL and tapered legs. It also comes with sealed aluminum cassette hub on the back as well as the front hub. The seat is pivotal without padding. There is a special seating clamp for quick and easy release, designed to improve flexibility and maneuverability. No wonder if this line is considered as one of the best pro BMX bikes ever designed and manufactured.

If you check into the users’ review section, you should see that this bike has a lot of positive feedbacks and reviews. If you want to get serious about bike racing, this is a perfect starting bike. It is definitely designed for advanced users who are new to the racing world. The bike itself isn’t included within the entry level but it sits in the middle between the elite and the beginner. The price factor is quite reasonable, considering that it uses the best materials possible with the most solid construction ever.

Does it have quality parts? Yes, it does. Is it strong enough to take the beat? You can bet on it. Be advised, though, that some of the parts may be a letdown, such as the quality of the tube. Moreover, it is not one of the best BMX bikes for beginners, so you can’t choose it for a completely newbie user.

Proline Pro 24 BMX Race Cruiser Review

Proline Race Pro Bike as the Best BMX Bike

When it comes to choosing one of the best BMX bikes, you may want to consider Pro 24 Redline Proline because of the overall quality and construction and the smooth feel of the bike itself. Not all bikes are designed for racing but you have found the right one if you are looking for one. Mind you, though, that this bike isn’t designed for beginner so you may want to be careful about it.

This Pro 24 Proline is designed and created for those who want to dig seriously into the sport. If you are returning to the sport, this can be an ideal option too. Naturally, the construction of the bike should support the main purpose so it should be solid and sturdy. But you can expect it to be tough, thanks to the combination of racing tapered fork, the alloy 6061-T frame sealed hub, and butted CrMo quality for value and also performance.

You need to remember that a bike designed especially for racing and rough terrain should have a better and more solid platform. You can’t really use it for beginners because most of them will think that this bike is too difficult to control. But rest assured that you are actually getting yourself one of the best BMX race bikes worth your spending so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

If you want to get a quality bike with the premium materials and quality, this bike is one of the best examples. The forged alloy cranks have thick chrome 24mm spindle that will support the construction. The rear hub cassette is fully sealed with aluminum and so is the front hub. The seat is pivotal to improve flexibility and movement but without padding. And it comes with a special seating clamp designed for quick release.

If you are into this bike sports field, you know that getting the quality race bike isn’t always easy because the construction and the overall performance don’t always live up to your expectation. But for this Proline variant, you can be sure about getting the solid and tough item and yet with improved flexibility and versatility. It allows you to maneuver in the most difficult terrain without compromising your move.

Be aware, though, that there is a recommended feature to use the bike. For instance, the chainstay should be around 14.4 inch and the top tube should be around 21.8 inch. The seat angle should be 70 degrees and the head angle is 74 degrees. If you want to know further specs of this bike, explore further. As one of the best BMX bike brands, you can be sure that Proline is able to deliver whatever you want.

Tips on Using an Electric Shaver with Dry and Wet Methods

A manual shaver may grant you a closer result of shaving. However, utilizing an electric shaver means it is more convenient and you will not get as so many cuts on your beautiful skin. Most of you already know that using this shaving tool is totally an amazing choice.

Given that you have already bought the best electric shaver. What makes dry or wet shaving methods different is that wet shaver can be used in the shower. But it’s not advised to use it in the bathtub. Both methods are quite the same and what’s more important is to make the proper preparation for your skin.

1. Dry Shaving  Methods

The advantages of dry shaving method are you can do a quick and easy work, avoid cuts and it gives you constant smoothness. The final purpose is actually removing your hair as much as you can do with the electric razor. Before you do that, you have to take care of your skin so that it won’t be injured while shaving. First you need to use lukewarm water and a mild soap to wash your legs. Wash carefully and then pat them dry. This step is important to make your hair become softer and your skin more elastic.

When you start shaving, make upward movements from our ankle and go up to your thigh. While doing so, make small circular movements or do what the instruction of the model tells you. Repeat the shaving process as much as you need until the hair is no longer noticeable. After you are done with that, wash your legs once more or just wipe them clean. The last one should be moisturizing. Using a moisturizer helps restore your skin condition so that it will not become dry.

2. Wet Shaving Methods

Although this method is similar to dry shaving, you will need a particular shaving gel to help. The difference is that your legs must be wet during the process. Some would prefer wet method over dry because it’s gentler to the skin. Just like dry method, rinse your legs with soap and warm water. After that, apply the gel moderately over the hairs on your legs.

Make circulation movements gently over your ankle and work the way up to your thigh. Look at any areas that you haven’t touched. Once you have finished with all of that, wash your legs and use moisturizer to keep them hydrated. It’s said that wet shaving with the best electric shaver is gentler than dry method because of the lubrication the skin gets during the process.

Try to avoid your shaver being clogged so that it can work effectively. It is suggested that you clean your tool after using it right away. Wash away any hair that’s left and then let your shaver dried out. After that you can clean the rest with a brush.  Avoid applying oil to the areas that you will shave because it can clog your shaver easily with hair. Even though you have the best electric razor, a clogged tool still leads to further damage.

Best Electric Shaver for Women of 2018

Best electric shaver for women products? There are actually tons of brands out there. The problem is, there are so many of them that narrowing down your options can be difficult. Unless you are loaded and you can afford every purchase, you can’t really buy all the different items altogether. The best thing that you can do is to at least try them one by one in turns.

Even better, you can consult the reviews so you have the ideas of which product to try based on your personal preference. Mind you that there are actually a lot of products designed for ladies but most of them ignore the fact and simply reach out for the cheapest product. If you want to get the best bargain, be sure that it goes along with your preference and also your budget. You probably think that electric razors for women aren’t as many as those for men but you would be surprised to explore the market and find the truth.

Top 10 Best Women’s Electric Shaver

Don’t worry as you should always be able to find the best electric shaver for women as long as you make a dedicated research. Keep in mind that shavers for women should be different from men because of the different types of hair. Not to mention that women users are generally fussier and demanding when it comes to the comfort and convenience of the usage. That’s why it would be a best idea to know some of the potential best women shaver we have in the market.

  1. Remington Rechargeable Smooth Glide

This is considered one of the best electric razor for ladies for so many good reasons. First of all, the design is portable, compact, convenient, and cute. It feels lightweight and yet solid in your hands, so no flimsy or cheesy feel when you are using it. Second, it is rechargeable unit so you don’t have to worry about making extra spending with manual battery and all. Running out of battery? Simply connect it to the power outlet and you are good to go. Third, it glides perfectly, creating a smooth surface without you having to worry about being cut and all. Is it safe? It’s completely and ultimately safe. Looking for a handy device among electric razors out there? Put it into your list.

One thing to like about this electric razor is the design with the specialized angled head consisting of four blades constructed together. Despite the four blades, this shaver is super safe. You don’t have to worry about the nick or cut. The hair foil is designed to stay as close as possible with the skin, creating smooth and perfect shaving outcome without hurting your skin. Moreover, it comes with cordless design so you don’t have to be overly fussy with the cable. No wonder if this device is included within the best electric shaver for women list.

  1. Butterfly Pro

If you first see this electric razor, you will probably mistake it for a perfume because of the unique design. Unlike the other razors, this one is definitely different but it doesn’t compromise the functionality in delivering promising result. Not to mention that it comes with all the handy features that make it one of the best women electric shavers ever designed.

Why is it considered as the best electric shaver for women? The design is created so you can have a comfortable grip while reaching all areas within the body easily. Because it is made for body shaving, the head is big enough to accommodate different movements while the rotary cutters shave closely and quickly. Since there are five of them, the final result will be flawless and smooth. You don’t have to worry about cutting yourself either because the unique safety feature has been improved to avoid such a thing.

The easiness in the recharging the device is one of the features that make it the best. If you have a single charge, expect it to take 90 minutes. If you want to have a complete recharge, you need to spend two hours and a half. It is cordless, obviously, so you can take it anywhere you like. However, be careful when using it because it can’t be used in the shower or bathtub despite its wet or dry flexibility.  There are some optional accessories and attachments available in case you are interested. However, the basic features alone have made this device as the best electric shaver for women ever made.

  1. SatinShave Philips

As one of the best women electric shavers, this device comes with all the handy features and functionalities. Philips understands that women have more curves than men, so they design an ergonomic device that will accommodate your curves while delivering smoother shave at the same time. Suffering from irritation or nicks? Not to worry; you won’t experience such a thing with this electric razor.

The device offers flexible functionality where you can use it for dry or wet condition. It also comes with anti-slip grip and multi flex head that will follow the body contour effortlessly. It is also a razor as well as a trimmer which means that you can expect a smooth outcome. As one of the handiest electric razors, this one comes with additional accessories, including cap, pouch, travel cap, and comb that will make carrying super easy and also fun.

  1. ES-ED90-P Panasonic Shaver and Epilator

Want to get your hands on the best electric shaver for women? Consider using this device and your life will change for good. It is a multifunctional device with several uses that will improve your user experience. The combination of dual speed motor and also hair remover (don’t forget the pedicure buffer too) will deliver satisfying result for the hair removal. The head comes with hypo allergenic blade so it is completely safe for sensitive skin.

As one of the best electric shaver for women, this device can be used on wet or dry condition, offering flexible use. The epilator will make sure to remove the unwanted hair while creating an irritation-free result. No wonder if this device is included as one of the best devices that are women-friendly.

  1. PS335 T-Shape Cleancut

If you take a look at the design, you probably think that it is just another traditional and regular shaver. In reality, it is one of those personal electric razors, so yes, it uses batteries. Despite the claim as the effective and efficient shaver, it is more like a trimmer instead of a shaver. You can use it as a shaver if you want to, be keep in mind that this device actually pulls, especially when dealing with tough and coarse hair. This trimmer for ladies works best when paired up with a handy shaver so you can have a smooth finish with this trimmer as the final touch.

  1. BikiniPerfect Philips Advanced

Unlike the previous trimmer, this one is super smooth and it doesn’t catch hair. It is perfect for women because it can give you nice and flawless bikini trim. Not to mention that the rechargeable feature and the cordless design are super nice to hold and use. No wonder if it is claimed to be the best electric shaver for women because of the features.

Thanks to the six attachments, flexible head, ergonomic design, and nice battery life, you will have your private ‘arsenal’ for the beauty regime. Another cool thing about this device is that it comes with a travel bag, including exfoliation glove, illuminating tweezers, charging adaptor, and the six attachments. Many users love the epilator because of the easiness. It is smooth, the battery is quite long lasting, and it doesn’t pull. Although this device is designed for women, many men find out that it is actually pretty convenient for guy users as well.

  1. ES2216PC Panasonic Shaver

As one of the electric razors designed for female user, this device packs all the important stuff. For a starter, it comes with feminine design and cordless shape so there is no need to be fussy with the tangled of cables. The device is slim, portable, compact, and lightweight, allowing you to carry it easily without hassle.

As the best electric shaver for women, it comes with floating heads that will follow the body contour conveniently. Worries about nicks, bumps, or cuts? No need to because this device is designed to be quite flexible and yet with promising result. The shaving ability is pretty close to your skin, so you will have the flawless and super smooth effect. It is considered the best women shaver because of the flexible wet or dry usage. There are additional attachments to use so you can groom your bikini area or simply remove the hair from whatever parts that you want. Not to mention that the blade comes with hypo allergenic feature, ideal for sensitive skin.

  1. WDF4840 Remington Foil Shaver

Another potential product designed specifically for ladies is the Remington foil device. The device is able to deliver close cut and neat trim while keeping your skin safe, smooth, and irritated-free. However, don’t expect it to deliver 100% perfect close shave but it is able to create fast, efficient, and painless shaving condition. Whether you are a busy mom, an active woman, or a person with a tight schedule, you will find it the best women shaver that is worth the spending.

There are still other things to like about this electric razor. It comes with aloe vera strip that will nourish your skin and make it soft. It also comes with advanced blade system where the four blades are designed in a specific way to improve effective shaving without hurting you. The dual sided trimmer has nice tips for comfortable experience. Since it is designed for women, all the features are designed to improve their experience. No wonder if it is included within the list of the best electric shaver for women.

  1. LS5160WD Silk-épil Braun Shaver

As one of the best women electric shavers, this device comes with a rounded head that will deliver smooth and perfect outcome. Since the device is designed for women users, it has a perfect gliding operation that will accommodate the female body’s contour nicely. Thanks to the floating foil and nice trimmer system, you can expect smooth result without hurting your skin or whatsoever.  What makes this the best electric shaver for women is the flexibility for wet and dry condition, so it is super flexible and versatile.

As one of the best women electric shavers, this electric razor also comes with various attachments that will improve your user experience. It has optishave attachment, as well as bikini trimmer and exfoliation attachments.  Is it perfect for sensitive skin? You bet it is, thanks to all of the handy features. It is the best electric shaver for women that comes with affordable tag price. It is also able to shave as well as trimming unwanted hair so having one will be your best investment in looking radiant and sharp.

  1. ES2291DT Panasonic Two Blade Shaver

Another choice of the best electric shaver for women is this two blade shaver, designed with special focus on women’s body and contour. Being invented for ladies, you can be sure that is completely safe, irritation free, and comfortable. As one of the best devices, you will enjoy a lot of handy and functional features, such as portable design, compact size, and so much more. There are many electric razors out there, but having one that can understand and accommodate your needs is quite rare.

A lot of users claim it as the best electric shaver for women because of the dual functional systems. This electric razor is able to shave the hair and trim it off. It first removes hair and then trims it to create a neater look. No wonder if it is said as the best women shaver ever designed by most of the lady users.

There you go, some of the best electric razors designed for women. Naturally, you need to choose the most ideal electric razor that meets your requirements and wants, just be sure that you have done a thorough research. There are different shavers, but only a few will accommodate your needs. Don’t rush things if you want to get the best electric shaver for women.

How to Choose the Best Electric Shaver for Women?

Most of us already know how hard it is to come across the perfect electric razor. With a lot of options in the market, it is tricky to choose the right one especially if all of them guarantee the smoothest results. But every so often those promises are just words and make us waste our money buying things that are unreliable.

Electric shaver in the market has a variety of different prices, styles, and types of blade. You possibly will simply splurge yourself with a few dollars on the best women electric shavers. But only to be disappointed and find out that it should have been better with a cheaper model.

  1. What to seek in an Electric Shaver

Having a choice of great shavers for women is one thing. However, understanding what to find on the one that will be really suitable for you is more splendid. A model perhaps works well with someone, but it may not the best for you.

  1. Multiple Purposes

A shaver is not only to shave your legs. For ladies, there is more than just an area to groom and the shaver must be capable of carrying on with the activities. Choose the one that offers multiple purposes feature in order that you can keep maintaining your body parts that need shaving with one instrument. Of course you don’t want to hoard up a lot of shavers in your house just for those activities.

  1. Design Efficiency

The best women electric shavers may still be bad for you if its design is not efficient. If you have smaller hands, a big model is simply not ergonomically great for you. Picture yourself handling big tool to shave areas that are hard to reach. Choose the model with slim design and your hand can hold it firmly. Make sure you’re comfortable with using the tool.

  1. Battery Life

Imagine how long you spend your time to shave the whole areas and surfaces which need shaving. Put it in your consideration so that you choose one of the best women electric shavers that lasts as long as possible. See the package of the model you choose, you will find the battery life and how long it can work until it’s powered out. Make sure the battery life will last long.

  1. Warranty​

You might want a tool that you can use for a long time. That is why you must choose any best women electric shavers that offer warranty with at least one to two years period. This allows you to know that the maker of the product is trusted for making the tools last for years. You can ease your worries if there’s anything happen with the tool you can always claim the warranty.

  1. Advantages and Disadvantages

The best women electric shavers can work faster than shaving manually. This tool can handle many areas and surfaces more efficiently than manual shaver. Shaving with it allows you to avoid getting too many cuts on your skin. However, the disadvantage is that the shaving results are not as close as doing it in manual way. Being electric means you need to charge the battery and clean it often for maintenance.

Top 10 Best BMX Bikes for Adults and Beginners

Not many people think that it would be possible to have best BMX bikes. Somehow, BMX bikes are always identical with the high price. It is related to the high quality construction and also premium performance. When you have a BMX bike, you know that it will tackle all kinds of treatments and abuse you throw at it. The high quality construction is able to handle the abusive treatment and it is still able to last for a long time. Sometimes, no matter how hard you are treating the bike and yet you are still able to take care it well, your bike will last for good. So, having such a bike is truly an investment.

But thanks to technology and the abundance supply, you can get best BMX bike without compromising quality, performance, and your money. With the price range not exceeding more than $400, you can have yourself a good quality bike. Moreover, today’s world is full of demands from all kinds of bike users, kids and adults, and also from the sports world, such as the extreme sports. Can you be sure about the quality construction? Yes, you can. Most of these bikes are made from the high quality materials and parts, and they are equipped with the latest technologies and features. There are some of the most promising brands and lines. Each of them has their own unique specifications and qualities.

The Best BMX Bikes of 2018

Legion Mongoose L60 with 20-Inch Wheel

This bike is designed for extreme usage; that’s why it is often chosen and used by professional extreme sport athletes. There are good reasons why this bike is quite popular as a quality product. For a starter, the steel fork and frame are designed for abusive and hard treatment, especially for tackling difficult moves and actions. The tubular cromo is durable, created for easy pedaling. What about the safety features? The rear U-brake is made from alloy, and it comes with alloy levers to create responsive stop.  The overall construction is pretty tough and solid, especially with the two pieces bar and four alloy bolt threadless stem. The combination of lightweight saddle, comfy ride, and high volume and high performance tires make this bike pretty solid and complete.


  • The overall construction is solid and sturdy.
  • The design is pretty simple, creating a no nonsense styling.
  • All the features are working great and the outcome is nice.


  • Some of the parts are prone to production defects. Some buyers have experience the bad bearings and tubes. Moreover, they didn’t even use it hard because the bike was used by kids and pre-teens. Some users even found the front tire having a patch.

Legion Mongoose L80 with 20-Inch Wheel

This one may not be exactly the kind of bike within the line of cheap BMX bike but it does have its strength. Its fame is the BMX tri-moly construction with semi integrated headset and also rider friendly structure. The pedaling area is made easy and accommodating. And just the same as the other lines from Mongoose, the braking system is pretty solid and safe. Thanks to alloy brake levels and U-brake on the back, you can expect a fast and responsive stop without harming you. This is another nice combination of lightweight feature, durable and solid construction, and also high performance tires. This is the kind of bike that is mostly used by the freestyler so it should be light without compromising construction. When you have this kind of bike at home, you will only enjoy the greatest enjoyment.


  • The bike is smooth and responsive.
  • The overall construction is solid without compromising the lightweight feature.
  • The color option is nice as there are various alternatives to it.


  • Some people experience faulty brake, in terms that it wasn’t responsive at first. You need to ride it several times and it will work just fine.
  • The rear tire is prone to damage. Some people experience popped tires.
  • Some of the tires are pretty flimsy and they damage easily.

Legion Mongoose L100 with 20-Inch Wheel

Again, it is another line of sturdy and reliable BMX bike with the solid construction and design. If you are looking for a bike with professional quality this one is great choice. This is the type of bike to choose, as we know that mongoose is one of best BMX bike brand The frame comes with chromoly structure and integrated headset, resulting in reliable and strong performance. This one has dependable full chromoly bars and forks being attached to the top stem loader. The alloy rims with their double wall 36 hole is accommodative enough for the tires, making sure that they roll effortlessly and smoothly. And just like the others, the braking system is super handy and responsive.


  • This is one of the best BMX bikes with strong and handy features without making you spend a fortune.
  • All of the features work nicely. It is light, responsive and easy to control.
  • The assembly is fast and easy; you don’t need to hire a pro to do it.


  • Some parts may be loose so you want to fix it right away. After all, fixing it right away is pretty easy and you can always do it on your own.
  • For some people, especially the tall ones, the seat is too low so it is pretty difficult to manage.

MX24 Redline BMX 24-Inch

Are you an adult that wants to have fun biking and cycling around? Or are your teens want to have a solid bike that can be used for their extreme sport activities or to accompany them in the transportation matter? This is best bmx bikes for adult to choose. The construction is tall and majestic, so it is just perfect for big kids and also tall riders. This is included as the BMX racers who want to have a bike in the entry level kind. The aluminum frame is light with oval seat and anti flex ability. It should be able to create responsive and also lightweight ride.


  • A lot of adults love this bike because of the specialized construction for adults.
  • The bike is lightweight and super responsive.
  • The assembly is easy and it can be done on your own because the tools are also included within the package.


  • The rear tire is quite prone to popping as some products experience such a problem. Finding the replacement is pretty difficult unless you replace the original tire with the bigger one and you will have to changes the rim too.
  • Some people experience late delivery.

Legion Mongoose L10 with 20-Inch Wheel

This is best bmx bikes for beginner. It comes with BMX Hi-Ten steel fork and frame, sturdy and solid enough to accommodate the user. The forged steel construction and cranks are quite simple but solid and strong. The braking system is rather different. It comes with brake rotor, with 360 degree and U-brakes system. It creates tangle free and reliable braking ability. The overall construction is sturdy, packed with four different freestyle pegs for tricks and grinds.


  • The design is simple and yet appealing.
  • The performance is smooth and reliable.
  • It is easy to assemble.


  • The bike will experience faulty and problem, which can lead to damages, when it is assembled wrong. You need o make sure that you do it right.
  • It is an overpriced item because it isn’t as good as expected.
  • Paint is easily chipped.
  • The back tire is prone to popping even without excessive usage.

LTD Framed Attack

This is the bike designed for adult men. The overall construction is definitely solid and strong because it should accommodate heavy weight – more than 200 lbs. The tire itself is able to accommodate 160 lbs but you can always replace the tires and use the bigger ones. Are you able to do so easily? Yes, not only you can replace it with other types of tires, you can also expect the same solid performance and quality from it. This bike is originally design for small people but in the event that you are pretty heavy, you may need to make some adjustments.


  • The overall quality and construction is pretty nice and solid. Even with some abusive treatments, the bike holds up pretty well.
  • It is a type of BMX bike for everyday usage and activities.
  • It is a pretty solid and reliable bike with nice features.


  • The bike is pretty small so it is pretty hard (and tiring for tall people) to stay on it for long time.
  • The bars are moving constantly back and forth so you may want to do another adjustment and change.
  • The seat is made from plastic and it is not adjustable.

Legion Mongoose L40 with 20-Inch Wheel

It is a freestyle bike so it is lightweight and yet it comes with a solid construction. The bike is made from BMX Hi-Ten fork and frame to deliver modern fit for special BMX geometry. The construction is also meant to create comfortable ride. The braking system is pretty solid and tough, thanks to the brake rotor 360 degrees and U-brakes from alloy. With such a technology, you can also expect a responsive brake with tangle-free arrangement. The handlebars come with 8.25 inch size to accommodate better (and easy) control. It is also supported by the threadless front loader stem with 50mm. This is the bike with comfy and slick slim rail design.


  • The package is secured and tight.
  • Assemble is easy and the directions are clear. Everything is easy to follow.
  • It is lightweight.
  • The brake is nice and soft and yet super responsive.


  • Some of the bolts are missing during the delivery.
  • Some of the parts are defected; which isn’t clear whether it is coming from the manufacturer or because of the delivery.

FS20 X-Games Freestyle Bike

This is another bike designed for a freestyle purpose so it is reliable in construction and it is light in weight. It comes with pegs on the front and also back. The saddle is coming with the X-Games standard, so it is plush and nice and adjustable. It also comes with good hand brakes on the front and back. The fork and frame comes with welded steel. If you really want a bike that is comfy to ride and yet comes with professional quality grade, this is the perfect item to have.


  • The overall construction is pretty good and solid.
  • Assembly process is super easy for some people but it can be a handful for the others.
  • It delivers smooth ride.


  • The brake is pretty hard but once you replace it, you are good to go.
  • The handlebar assembly can be challenge.
  • It can be a bit uncomfortable for those who expect a bike for everyday usage, instead for the sports activity.

Grind Diamondback Youth Bike

This bike comes with simple design and yet it is super sturdy. It is made from the combination of high quality steel for the frame, equipped and supported with the 990 braking mounts. With such a combination, the bike becomes durable pieces without compromising style. You can tell that it is one of best BMX bike because of the signature design. Thanks to the one piece steel crank, the bike has this stiff and also strong effect. Another great thing about this bike is the existence of single speed drivetrain, delivering light and also simple quality. Some people even compare assembling the bike with assembling pieces of furniture from a Sweden brand. As long as you follow all the directions and instructions, you are good to go.


  • The bike is light and easy to move around by carrying it.
  • The assembly process is also easy.
  • The customer service is pretty responsive and quick. Customer service is pretty satisfying.


  • For some people, this bike is expensive because it crumbles in within months.
  • People start experiencing problems with the seats and bearings. And then the seat is hard.
  • Some people experience broken parts, which likely happened during delivery.

20-Inch 270 Mongoose Mode Boys Bike

This is one of the best BMX bikes with all the handy features and the right solid construction. It is designed for boys and their freestyle activities so don’t expect yourself to find any girly paint or colors. This bike comes with four different freestyle pegs, designed for stunts and actions. The cable detangler is designed to spin the handlebars up to 360 degrees. Everything about this bike has been carefully designed and thought of. The frame is steel, with single speed gear. It also comes with four bolt alloy stem and also front side load clamps. The braking system comes with alloy U-brake for the back and caliper brake, creating fast and responsive stop without putting you in a harm’s way. The tires are the mag aluminum machined wheels that are tough and yet still plump and bouncy – just enough to deliver comfortable ride.


  • The price is pretty affordable, even inexpensive when compared to the other products with the same features or strength.
  • The design is simple and yet stylish.
  • Assemble is pretty easy as you don’t need to have any special skills.


  • It is only designed for boys, so the overall design is pretty masculine for girls.

20 Kent Pro 20-Inch Bike for Boys

If you are looking for the right bike for boys, with all the strong construction and sturdy line, this is the best BMX bikes for adult to choose. It comes with solid fork and frame with the tig welded steel. The 20-inch wheels are also equipped with pegs; and it also comes with seat clamp from alloy. For better safety features, there are handbrakes for the back and the front. And a freestyle rotor for performance is included within the package. The bike itself is pretty comfy to ride and it feels sturdy.


  • The overall look is nice and even good looking.
  • The assembling should be easy, except for the brake.
  • It works pretty well.
  • It comes with the right height.


  • The brake assemble is a confusing part as not everyone is familiar with the system. There is no instruction for it so it can be a pain in the neck in the end.

Legion Mongoose Mag Legion

This is a great piece with all of the right features and also solid construction. This bike comes with the Hi-Ten BMX fork and frame steel which makes it ideal for abusive treatment or any action that you have in mind. There are nice features you can expect from it, such as the handlebar spin with 360 degrees ability, cast mag aluminum wheel complete with sealed bearings, and also the right forged steel and also gear that is delivering single speed and simple riding experience. There is the U-brake on the back for improved safety and better stop without causing any skid. The assembly process is pretty easy too.


  • The assembling is pretty simple and straightforward for those who are used to it.
  • Once the assembling is done, the bike looks well.

The Cons:

  • The pads require adjustments and the brakes require extra tightening.
  • Some of the parts are missing. Some are also damaged during delivery.
  • The instructions aren’t really helpful so most users take the bike to professional bike shops and have to pay extra for the assemble.

8109-34ZTJ Dynacraft Throttle Magna 20-Inch Boys Bike

It is a pretty okay bike; has all the right look and construction. There are also some padded areas for the improved comfort. It is not bad, after all, considering that it is worth less than $100. The paint is quite good. It is claimed to be the deluxe paint. It is using the BMX frame designed for boys and there is also the padded handlebar for increased comfort. You need to push back the crank arm to engage the coaster brake, improving the stopping ability of the bike.


  • The assembly process itself is pretty straightforward and simple.
  • The distance between the seat and the handlebar is pretty solid and convenient.
  • The overall look is pretty great and solid.


  • There is no instruction for the assembly so it can be confusing for first timers. Some people get the instruction but it is so confusing and complicated.
  • Some of the parts are poor in materials and also workmanship.

B2 Grenade BMX Bike

The bike has a nice quality to it. You can feel the lightweight feature once you unbox it. With hi-Ten forks, cromo frame, alloy shrapnel fuse stem, fragment shrapnel grips, and Hi-Ten rise 8-inch bars; the overall construction is solid and nice. It may take a while for beginners to assemble but once you do it, you will get yourself a lightweight and premium quality bike. The bike itself is perfect for medium users.


  • It is solid and sturdy.
  • It is a quality bike.


  • You will have to do the assembly yourself and it may take a while for beginners.

BMX Razor Agitator 20-Inch

This bike is designed for the freestyle activity so it is sturdy, solid, and also lightweight. It comes with all the right (and needed) features, such as caliper brakes for the front made from alloy or comfy saddle with padded style for improved usage and convenience. This bike has four different axle pegs to help it manage tricks while riding. And the 20-inch wheels are solid enough to accommodate the weight of the users. Another thing to like about it is the easy assemble although you may have to spend extra efforts and time to manage everything. Are you a professional freestyler who likes to perform the handlebar spin? This would be the perfect one for you because of the 360 degrees rotor for the spin.


  • The final outcome and finish are great.
  • It is smooth despite the weight.


  • Assemble really takes a while because you really need to do everything on your own and places everything on its spot.
  • Some of the parts are either missing or broken.
  • The bike is pretty heavy, especially for the one with 20-inch wheels.
  • Poor quality control.

Those are some of the BMX bicycles available on the market. Each of them has their own specific qualities and also flaws. Make sure to do your research carefully and thoroughly to find yourself inexpensive but premium item. If you do so, you can get the best BMX bike for your personal needs.

Cheap Running Shoes for Women – Top 15 Reviews

Running is usual exercise with simple gear to wear. You just need proper shoes to keep foot then start running around. There are many running shoes on store and each of them has different feature. In this article, you will find the top product as a part of running shoes reviews. Running is the key activity for many sports. For example, you need to run and jump while playing basketball. For tennis, running is crucial to reach the ball. When choosing running shoes, comfortable and functionality aspect is the top consideration.

You wear running shoes not just for doing regular running on track. Sometimes, the shoes are needed for playing sport with friends such as basketball, badminton, or tennis. This kind of match is not official event, but lack of quality and capability will damage the foot. That is why you should consider cushioning and shock absorption as primary features.

Women are potential customers for sport industry. They may not be in big event, but daily exercise is something that cannot be ignored. Shoes for women are different from men. The material is softer and more delicate to keep it comfortable. When discussing about women, design is the aspect to put at ultimate consideration. In past time, design for sport shoes was much practical. Nowadays, the shoes look more fashionable with various colors and patterns. You can see more about the top running shoes for men in the next sections.

  1. Under Armour Women’s Charged Bandit 2 Running Shoes

Comfortable is utmost priority when women choose running shoes to wear. That is why Charged Bandit 2 Running Shoes are much recommended to try. Under Armour is one of top brands in sport apparel industry. Running shoes are one of their products and this variant is specifically for women. The shoes use textile and synthetic material. Properties of the shoes are low shaft, lightweight, seamless internal heel, and firm heel counter. The shaft measure for the shoes is quite low from arch. This condition gives advantaged for foot to act responsively when running at high speed. It also has heathered upper with breathable, light, and stretched mode. Seamless internal fit is the ability to put shoes to fit foot contour. It is important factor to consider when buying running shoes. Foot contour should fit the shoes. Moreover, internal cushion is able to adjust properly. To support back heel, the shoes use external heel counter. You get firm and smooth form at inside and external measure from outside to keep the heel at good condition.


  • There is heel counter internal and external.
  • It is lightweight.
  • You will satisfy with the attractive design.


  • The material is not quite strong for long run.
  1. Adidas Performance Women’s Pure Boost X Training Shoe

One of cheap running shoes for women comes from Adidas lineup. It is Women’s Pure Boost X. Keep in mind that cheap shoes do not mean less quality. You still get top property and ability from Adidas, in spite of cheap price. Women will like the shoes at first sight because of attractive design. As you know, running shoes are more than practical tool to support sport activity. Today, women consider the design and color as essential to give more stylish way to run.

The design is not just what women like from the shoes. It uses textile and synthetic material to make it more lightweight. Soft and smooth cushion enhances the flexibility for foot to do any action. Other properties of Pure Boost X are sock-like arch, pivot-point rubber, and arch gap support. Sock-like arch is the spec of shoes to keep the heel properly. From those properties, women can wear the shoes for more than running outside. It is training shoe with capability to do some sports and exercises. For example, you can wear the shoes at gym or to play the basketball. Of course, those sport and activities are not the professional or serious match.


  • It offers attractive and eye-catching design.
  • It provides the comfortable cushion.


  • It’s not quite breathable
  1. Adidas Performance Women’s Pureboost X

Running shoes for women should have certain things in order to make them comfortable for running. The shoes have lightweight and comfortable cushion. Moreover, it is durable for long period of running. Those matters are what Adidas consider to produce Performance Women’s Pureboost X. This is the top show for women to enjoy running outdoor or indoor.

The design is very attractive with elegant contour. It has several colors as choice for customers, such as yellow, white, etc. You can choose based on personal preference. For specs, the shoes use synthetic material with high-grade level. The features of this product are sock-like fit and boost midsole. Sock-like fit is feature to keep foot at convenient position. You will feel as sock is attached on foot when put it inside this show. In addition, the boost midsole is feature to enhance lightweight mode. It boosts fast energy for high endurance activity. You will feel easy when changing pace from slow to fast mode during running. The shoes are also affordable because Adidas intends to make common running shoes without losing the quality.


  • It is made of lightweight material.
  • There is energy boost feature.
  • It comes with attractive design and many colors.


  • It is designed not for hard sport or activities.
  1. Nike Women’s Air Max

You cannot ignore Nike as the top brand and manufacturer in sport industry. Nike produces many shoes for running, exercise, training, sport, and other purposes. One of the best running shoes for women is Nike Women’s Air Max.

The specs for the shoes are synthetic mesh, rubber sole, comfortable cushion, flexible midsole and deep forefoot grove. Cushioning is important for shoes to make the foot more comfortable when doing many activities. The shoes are specifically for running, so the cushioning is soft and delicate, but it keeps the firm state. Moreover, your foot does not feel the heavy impact because of absorption capacity. This is the key of top running shoes. Another property is flexible midsole. You can move any position from slow to faster pacing with this kind of midsole. Comfortable cushion is not enough for running, so flexible midsole keeps the foot to do everything at ease. That is what women get from Nike Women’s Air Max.


  • It has flexible midsole.
  • Completed with attractive design and comfortable cushion.


  • It’s less lightweight.
  1. Womens Running Shoes Anthracite

Running is one of popular activities because it is simple and everyone can do it without much gear. You just wear proper shoes then start running around track. This activity is also popular for women for many reasons. Today, finding shoes for women is easier than several decades ago. One of top brands is Nike Air Max. As you know, this product is versatile shoe for running and training mode. You can wear the shoes for casual event or just daily basis exercise.

The specs are synthetic mesh, lace-up style, rubber sole, adaptive flywire cable, insole cushioning, and removable sole. Nike develops technology called flywire cable to enhance the flexibility of shoes. That is what you get when wearing Air Max. The shoes are also comfortable with rubber sole and insole cushioning. Moreover, the price is also quite affordable without losing the quality.


  • It provides flywire cable and removable insole.
  • It brings the attractive design.
  • The shoes can also be sneaker for casual wearing.


  • It is less breathable for long period.
  1. Asics Women’s Gel-venture 5

You can go to store then choosing any running shoes, but Gel-Venture 5 is one of top lists for quality product. You should consider this one then try comfortable feeling when running. One of benefits of the shoes is capability to support any terrain condition. Usually, running is only on track and less difficult terrain. However, you need this kind of shoes when doing more exciting running on hill or mountain track.

Gel-venture 5 variant has rubber sole, low shaft measure, rugged outsole, gel technology, removable sock liner, trail specific outsole, and outsole. Low shaft measure is useful to keep the foot at proper fit when it’s put inside cushion. You can lift foot easily without much burden. Gel technology is special feature on Asics shoes in order to absorb the shock. You will do much movement when running and this gel technology keeps foot at good condition regardless your movement. Moreover, you can transform from low to fast speed smoothly. The outsole is designed with abrasion rubber to enhance durability and longevity. All of them are what you get from the shoes.


  • It is made of the top material and high durability.
  • It has low shaft measure.
  • Completed with removable sock liner and Gel-technology.


  • The shoes are less lightweight.
  1. Asics Women’s Gel-kayano 25

If you look for womens running shoes, Asics have the right choice to pick. The product is Gel-kayano 25 as running shoes, specifically for women. It has elegant and attractive design, so women can feel comfortable when doing outdoor activity. You can distinguish men and women shoes form their color and design.

What do you get from this product? It has rubber sole, synthetic and textile material, impact guidance system, fluidride midsole, fluidfit upper, and heel clutching technology. IGS or impact guide system is technology to support natural gait of foot. This is the key feature to put this shoe as a choice for women. Comfortable impact after heavy shock will save the foot from damage. Two other technologies are fluidride midsole and fluidfit upper. The first one is for endurance and comfortable cushioning. Meanwhile, the second one is technology to adapt the foot contour. It makes comfortable fit for shoes to wear for women, particularly athlete. The shoes are very convenient when doing transformation pacing from slow to fast without initial condition. From those specs and features, you understand why Gel-kayano 25 is at the top list on market.


  • It brings technology to make the shoes comfortable.
  • It is made of high-grade material.
  • There is heel clutching technology.


  • It is not for easy and simple running.
  1. Brooks Women’s Ghost 9 Running Shoes

Each of brands and manufacturers has distinct design for their products. That is what you see from Brooks on their running shoes. One of the top choices for running shoes is Brooks Women’s Ghost 9. It has one primary color alongside the secondary one at below sole. The shoes are also eligible to be sneaker for casual or daily basis activity.

It has breathable mesh upper, plush collar and tongue, soft fabric lining, dynamic cushioning, soft rubber for fore foot, and omega flex grooves. As you know, Brooks have their own technology to enhance shoes’ capability. You can see from some specs to represent the quality of product. Omega flex groove is technology to enhance natural movement, so you can change the speed easily and effectively. It has universal platform mode, so the shoes will fit to any foot contour. Moreover, the foam is in removable mode. Therefore, it is easy to clean. Brooks also add breathable mode to control airflow inside the shoes. Those specs and features are what you need to enjoy running outdoor or just exercise indoor.


  • There is breathable cushion.
  • It provides soft fabric lining and removable sole.
  • It is made of top grade material.


  • The shoes are not for mountain terrain running.
  1. Asics Women’s Gel-comulus 18 Running Shoe

Asics introduces Gel-comulus as one of women running shoes. You can see attractive design on outer lining with various colors. Manufacturer provides several colors as option for customers. Fancy design on this variant also gets side by side with its quality.

The shoes have IGS technology, fluidride midsole, gel cushioning, and guidance trusstic. IGS stands for Impact Guidance System. When you do running, shock is inevitable condition that needs to be controlled and reduced immediately. The main objective of this system is to keep feet from heel strike. As you can see, heel does much job when running and jumping. Asics have their own technology for running shoes called fluidride midsole. It gives high durability and comfortable level after doing excessive movement.  Guidance trusstic is technology to enhance stability. From those specs, the shoes are suitable to wear for running or any exercise, including mild sport on outdoor.


  • It brings the advanced technology.
  • There is comfortable cushioning.
  • It comes with simple yet elegant design


  • There is much technology for just daily basis running shoes.
  1. Brooks Women’s Adrenaline GTS 17

Shoes for women are no longer in dull design. You can see many designs for running shoes with fancy name. One of them is Adrenaline GTS 17. Fancy name comes with elegant design and quality then turn into the right shoes to wear for any activity. Brooks is one of top brands on sport market especially for shoes industry.

It has flexible midsole, adjustable midsole, comfortable fabric lining, removable foam insole, and diagonal roll bar. The shoes use top material to make them more comfortable, especially in the cushioning section. You can enjoy running for long period without much issue on foot condition. That is what you can get from Adrenaline GTS 17. The name, design, and quality capture the utmost attention.


  • It comes with fancy design.
  • Buyers can enjoy the advanced feature and specs.
  • It provides comfortable cushioning.


  • It is not much lightweight.
  1. Asics Women’s GT-2000 4 Running Shoe

Another product of running shoes for women is GT-2000 4.  This product has many features and technology to increase quality and comfortable level during running session. You get dynamic duomax, comfortable cushion, guidance trusstic system, fluid mid sole, textile and synthetic material, rubber sole, and gel cushioning system.

Gel technology is Asics iconic feature for their product. It is advanced spec to make cushion as comfortable as any condition. When you go running, cushioning takes almost everything to keep foot at good condition. Moreover, the shoes have system to control gait from heel to prevent high impact. You cannot find similar technology from other manufacturers. Breathable mesh upper will control airflow to keep foot as fresh as possible, in spite of excessive sweating. Combination between gel system and breathable mesh increases the capability of this product. This is the top choice for running shoes, especially for women.


  • It has comfortable cushioning.
  • It is completed with breathable mesh.
  • It is made of top-grade material.


  • It is not for harsh track or terrain.
  1. Brooks Womens Launch 4

Brooks have special product for women. It is Womens Launch 4 as one of top running shoes on market. The shoes have comfortable cushioning alongside mesh upper. The features and specs of the shoes are lightweight cushioning, air mesh fabric, lace-up closure, soft fabric lining, padded collar and tongue, midfoot transition zone, and heel crash pad. Other techs are improved grooves, universal contour, and abrasion resistant.

Those specs are what you get from Launch 4. Universal contour is feature to suit foot form. Women may have delicate foot, but each of them has different form. Moreover, the shoes are also suitable for any terrain during running. Transition zone is feature to keep the foot at good level after transforming from slow to faster speed. There are no reason to deny capability and quality of this product.


  • There is comfortable cushion.
  • It has heel crash pad.
  • It applies more advanced tech for running shoes.


  • It is breathable, but quite difficult to keep it clean.
  1. Asics Women’s Gel-kayano 22 Running Shoe

Sport industry is more appealing after women participate is many competitions. Manufacturers create and produce specific sport apparel for women. Besides for professional match or competition, they see potential to expand into ordinary exercise. This is where Asics decide to produce Gel-kayano 22. This is shoe for running with quality as similar to professional level, but eligible for just daily basis exercise or sport activity.

The design is sleek with attractive pattern on outer area. Several colors are available as option for customers to buy based on personal preference. Specs and features of the shoes are synthetic material, rubber sole, low shaft measure, overlay mesh, and gel cushioning. The shoes use lace-up mode on mesh to make more breathable when your foot has excess sweat. Moreover, gel cushioning is technology to keep the foot at proper level after doing harsh movement. Top material increases durability and longevity to wear for long period. The shoes are also capable for mild sport event such as basketball or tennis. You can enjoy exercise on gym with this shoe.


  • It comes with elegant design and more colors.
  • It has breathable level.


  • The shoes are not for running on difficult track.
  1. Asics Women’s Gel-excite 4 Running Shoe

Men dominate sport industry for long time, but women also take part of it. Popular sport such as football and basketball are men territory, but women are the biggest customers for sport apparel. As you know, sport industry is more just event or competition. You do running every day and it is a part of sport matter. That is why Asics introduces Women’s Gel-excite 4 as running shoes for women.

It uses textile and synthetic material to keep it lightweight at low as possible. Other specs are rubber sole, low shaft measure, gel cushioning system, and removable sock liner. The last feature is important to keep shoes as clean as possible after running. You need to keep shoes at hygiene and removable sock liner is practical way to do such thing. Asics have technology called AHAR outsole. It is abrasion rubber to increase stability and durability. Manufacturer integrates this feature in critical area of shoes. Those specs are reasons to choose Gel-excite 4 to enjoy running and more exercise daily.


  • It has low shaft measure.
  • There is removable sock liner.
  • It is designed with high grade material.


  • The design may look too fancy.
  • It is not used for harsh terrain.
  1. Under Armour Women’s Micro G Assert 6

Under Armour produces some running shoes and one of them is Micro G Assert 6, specifically designed for women. It has simple design with black color at the top area and white for lining. This is what you need to wear when running without fancy style, but keep elegant and fashionable. Quality is also one thing to consider when choosing running shoes.

It is available in several materials such as leather, textile, and synthetic. Manufacturer makes sure everyone gets what they want with similar quality regardless material for the shoes. Properties of this variant of Under Armour is rubber traction, shaft measure to adjust arch, leather overlay, and supportive foam.


  • It offers simple and elegant design.
  • It has comfortable sock liner and rubber traction.


  • Less advanced technology.
  • The shoes are not for heavy sport or activities.

Fifteen shoes above are enough as your reference. You can pick shoes from any brand and manufacturer. Nike and Adidas are the top brands on sport industry, but Under Armour and Asics have their own name. Another brand is Brooks with different designs and qualities.

As mentioned at previous section, consider functionality and design to fit your personal preference. Each shoe has their characteristics and you have your own personal taste. The shoes should be comfortable to wear without severe damage on foot when doing excess movement or harsh activity. Moreover, the shoes for simple track are different from difficult terrain, so choose them carefully and properly. Therefore, all of them are part of the top running shoes women to put into utmost consideration.

Top 10 Best Single Cup Coffee Maker of 2018 Reviews

What is the best single cup coffee maker that you should have for your personal use, and why one cup maker, anyway? Well, as you may be aware of, there are loads and tons of coffee makers out there. Some are designed to accommodate several cups per one making, while some are designed to accommodate more than 10 cups. Some are designed for one cup only, especially if it is used for one coffee drinker only and it is for personal enjoyment. What make this coffee maker special are the compact size and the handy features. You’d be surprised to find out that there are myriads of useful features that you can find from a seemingly compact device. Of course, they are designed to improve your enjoyment and ease of use.

Mind you that each of these makers has their own signature styles and special designs – no makers will be the same. Sure, they may share several features or usages such as milk container for making milk froth or removable parts for easy cleaning. But each of them is unique in their own way. That’s why you should be making an extensive and thorough research to find out which one would be the best for you. So, ready to start the journey?

the 10 best single cup coffee maker

The Best Single Cup Coffee Maker

When we are talking about the best one cup coffee maker that will make your one cup coffee feels special and unique, there are some great options to ponder about. Not only they are known for the exclusive design and construction, they are also known for making tasty coffee. Imagine the enjoyment you can have when you have one at home, home office, or even at work.

1. Keurig Programmable K250 K-Cup Pod Maker

If you are looking at this coffee maker from Keurig, you will see a sleek and modern machine. It is elegant and somewhat exclusive and yet the overall design is pretty simple. There are so many useful features that make this machine one of the best K cup coffee maker in the industry. The water reservoir is able to accommodate 40 oz of water so it is quite big. With LCD touchscreen model, running the machine is super easy. The setting is adjustable, allowing you to have easier usage as well as making the coffee just the way you like it. Another cool thing about this machine is that it comes in several bright colors so they can really spark your kitchen.


  • The machine is colorful and compact.
  • The operation and usage are simple.
  • You are free to make adjustments and changes.


  • You have to turn it off manually because there is no automatic setting for it.
  • It can only make 10 ounce of coffee a pod so you will have to use several pods when you want to have more coffee.
  • It doesn’t have temperature control either.

2. VertuoLine Nespresso Coffee and Espresso Evoluo Maker

This is another example of the best K cup coffee maker to have at home, especially if you really love your coffee with cream. And how are you going to make the coffee and the espresso? You only need to push a single button and you are done! The machine is quite big because it has two capsules: one of the coffee and one for the espresso. You only need to slide the two of them and you are good to go. The machine only takes 15 seconds to heat up. Not to mention that there are several removable parts to make operation easier, such as capsule container, water tank, and also cup support. There is an auto shut off if you don’t use the machine for 9 minutes. Pretty cool, huh?


  • It is super handy, even when you make coffee with tall glasses.
  • The features are advanced and handy.
  • Operating the machine is easy, as well as maintenance and cleaning.
  • The design is stylish and elegant. It will look nice in your kitchen.


  • The machine is quite big so you need to consider space and how you are going to place it.
  • You need to read the manual first because it takes a few tweaks and adjustments before you can use it perfectly.
  • It doesn’t have any temperature control which can be a problem for those wanting hotter coffee.

3. Keurig Programmable K55 Single Serve Pod Maker

If you are looking for a machine that can produce tasty coffee, this is the one to choose. It uses two water filters with a water filter handle that can improve the taste and flavor of your brew. It is able to accommodate different size of pods, starting from 6 ounce to 10 ounce so you can really enjoy the freedom in getting the coffee that you want. The water reservoir is pretty big, allowing you to make six cups before you have to refill it again. As one of the best single cup coffee maker in the market, this machine has a special feature that will make cleaning easy. The descaling process will remove any calcium pileup inside the maker so you don’t have to worry about any buildup.


  • Operating the machine is super easy and fast.
  • The operating buttons make it super nice and handy to make adjustments to your coffee.
  • It has automatic turn off system.


  • The automatic shutdown system takes too long to activate. When you haven’t used the machine for two hours, it will automatically turn itself off.
  • Some users complain that the machine stops working after only being used for several weeks.

4. Inissia Nespresso Espresso Maker

Do you want a coffee maker that looks somewhat funky and modern? Well, this is the type to choose! Although you can always choose the black, this machine is also available in various colors and all of them are super fun and colorful. With pressure pump with 19 bars and quite fast preheating time, you will have such enjoyable time with the tasty coffee. The machine is compact and there is special automatic on and off for efficient use.


  • There are different programmable buttons for making espresso and other types of coffee.
  • It comes with nice energy rating system.
  • The auto turn off system is handy; it activates after 9 minutes of being idle.


  • The combination of metal and plastic is great but it would be better if they stick to metal only so it doesn’t have the cheap plastic-y feel.
  • Coming up with variations of coffee can be overwhelming. That’s why it is better to keep the Coffee Menu booklet.
  • Preheating is quite long when compared to other brands: 25 seconds.

5. Premium SS-10 Cuisinart Coffee Maker

If you don’t like those plastic makers, this stainless steel can be your best option. No wonder it is claimed as one of the best single serve coffee maker because of the many handy features. You can make your favorite cup, ranging from 4 ounce to 12 ounce. Well, this machine can accommodate 5 of them before you have to refill it again. It comes with hot water button, so feel free to enjoy any hot beverages or soup anytime you like. It also comes with rinse feature which allows auto cleansing system on the inside part of the chamber. The LCD control panel makes it easy for convenient viewing. And thanks to the charcoal water filter, the coffee will never taste better.


  • It is a quiet machine, which is very nice.
  • It doesn’t take a long time from the preparation to the brewing moment.
  • Everything is programmable and easily adjusted, especially with the temperature control and the automatic on and off system.

Bottom of Form


  • There is no warning system for the water reservoir so you don’t really know if the water level is low. It would be nice to have a blinking system so you know when to refill it.

6. MCU Multi-Use BUNN Single Cup Coffee Brewer

If you don’t really like the instant coffee and you prefer your own ground coffee, this is the machine to look for. The cup drawer fits perfectly for coffee pod but there is also another container for the ground coffee. You can even use it to make tea, whether with loose tea or tea bags. Making the hot beverage can be done within one minute, so it is super-fast and efficient. It may not be the best single cup coffee maker with grinder as it doesn’t come with the in-built grinder but you can be sure that your ground coffee result will be smooth and simply tasty.


  • Fast operating system – from the preparation to the making.
  • Making adjustment is easy.
  • The multifunctional use is super handy and effective.


  • The result for the ground coffee isn’t as much as the regular one.
  • Some users may experience the machine stop working after a while.
  • You can’t operate the machine right away. Make time to read the manuals to understand it better.

7. Personal Black + Decker Brew ‘n Go Travel Mug Coffee Maker

This is a super compact and handy coffee maker with its own travel mug – perfect for the busy professionals on the go. With the 15 ounce travel mug, you can directly brew the coffee on the mug; no need to pour or remove the coffee elsewhere. It comes with permanent filter so there won’t be any extra spending for the filter paper. Moreover, with the automatic systems of temperature control or automatic on and off, managing one will be such a breeze. The machine is compact and light. You can place it anywhere without hassle or trouble. It allows you to use coffee grounds or pods which one you like the best.


  • It saves you a lot of money from enjoying tasty coffee on the go.
  • Managing the brew is easy. Making changes is also easy.
  • The travel mug is one of the best features ever designed and created.


  • The ground coffee can splatter inside the machine so cleaning will be difficult.
  • Some users experience problems when the coffee maker starts working just like that.

8. French-Press Cafejo Adaptor Plus

If you like using your French-press to produce high quality coffee, then this machine from Cafejo will be the best option. It is inexpensive. It is portable and light. It is compact. It is easy to clean, thanks to the simple design. The machine comes with handy adaptors for the ground coffee as well as coffee pod. That’s why you can enjoy different kinds of variants. The machine is compatible with the coffee pods from Kuerig, finding your favorite cup should be easy. With so many handy features, it is no wonder if this machine is considered as one of the best one cup coffee maker ever designed.


  • The portability is great; it is nice and feels just right when held.
  • It is perfectly handy for any outdoor activities.


  • The heating pitcher may require bigger diameter because there is always a spill when the water starts boiling.

9. Single Serve Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker

Thanks to the built in stand, it allows coffee mugs or travel cup depending which one you like better. Unlike the other machines that accommodate coffee pods, this one is designed for the ground coffee so you can expect a natural and original flavor. It is made from stainless steel so it is solid and sturdy. The scoop mechanism is very simple and handy. You can enjoy the tasty coffee whether with bold preference or finer texture. No wonder if this machine is considered as one of the best one cup coffee makers for ground coffee. You can’t replace originality.


  • You can expect exact proportion with each scoop.
  • Making adjustments and changes is super easy.
  • Whether it is the regular or bolder coffee, you can expect the perfect taste.


  • The machine is pretty heavy.
  • It would be nice if the manufacturer also includes paper filter as the alternative.

10. K45 Elite Keurig Brewing System

This machine comes with charcoal filter for tastier coffee. The drip tray is removable so you can have easy access for bigger and taller mugs. With 48 ounce of water reservoir, you can brew several cups before having to refill it. It also comes with the descaling system or better cleaning. Operating one is easy; you just have to follow the directions to the letter. It comes with various size of brewing, starting from 6 ounce to 10 ounce. Brewing system works in less than a minute. It also comes with indicator lights and automatic on and off system.


  • The automatic on and off features are handy for efficient use.
  • It doesn’t take a long time for enjoying a cup of hot coffee


  • Some of the users have experienced problems where each part starts stop functioning one by one.
  • The water tends to be pumped back to the tank and not to the cup.

There you go; some of the best single brew coffee maker in the morning. If you spend most of your money buying a cup, having one coffee maker can really save you a lot of money. As you can see, each one of these machines has their own strength and flaws. It is up to choose the best single serve coffee maker that meets your requirements and comfort.

Best Coffee and Espresso Maker of 2018 Reviews

Today, there are a lot of species of coffees and espressos to enjoy. Coffee beans take a long journey before they can be enjoyed as a cup of delicious coffee and espresso. This is why a proper mechanism is needed to ensure that you enjoy the best taste of coffee. Therefore, the best coffee and espresso maker is now an essential need for many people, especially coffee lovers. The machine comes in various types, designs, and specifications. Of course, there are pros and cons when you choose a coffee maker or brewer. To get the best taste of coffee and espresso once these drinks are shipped, make sure the machine keeps the taste of coffee and espresso, preventing them from losing flavor.

There are a lot of brands that provide high tech to make perfect coffee and espresso drink. Preparing coffee within a few minutes is now really possible. There are a lot of things to explore in each product of the best coffee and espresso maker.  This is really interesting since you can choose from many options like manual options and electric pump versions that are provided in different machine. In this article, we are going to list down the best products includes each features, pros and cons.

List of 7 Best Coffee and Espresso Makers

De’Longhi Combi BCO430

For drip coffee and espresso lovers, De’Longhi Combi BCO630 offers the best features. This is an all-in-one machine that is able to prepare coffee, espresso, latte, and even cappuccino. Using an innovative system, this machine can brew two drinks at the same time. The espresso system using steam preparation which means there is a button to push hot water through the coffee beans. This preparation system delivers excellent flavors all the time. For drip coffee, this machine features a system that allows the user to load the coffee and water from the front part of the machine without moving it from under the table or cabinet. This system is called a frontal loading system.


  • Versatile system; able to make fresh-brewed coffee, espressos, cappuccinos, and lattes.
  • Complete brewed coffee features include flavor savor, 24 hour programmable timer, 47 oz water reservoir, drip stop device, and active carbon filter.
  • 10 cup capacity.
  • Stainless-accented black finish.
  • Reliable espresso features include swivel jet frother, 40 oz removable water tank, and two-in-one cream filter.


The milk frother is sometimes makes a hassle for those who want a cup of coffee with frothed milk. They even often neglect to include a frothing cup with this best coffee and espresso maker product.

Coffee Barista ECMP1000

This is another remarkable coffee and espresso maker that allows you be your own Barista at home. This features 15 bars of pressure to make incredibly delicious coffee drinks. The Mr. Coffee Barista ECMP1000 creates a masterpiece before your eyes with easy process.


  • Removable Drip Catcher and washable drip tray that are able to keep the brew space clean and collect coffee drips neatly.
  • Automatic milk frother for creamy lattes and cappuccinos.
  • The cup tray is adjustable, even can be set for a big travel mugs.
  • Removable milk reservoir.
  • Removable water reservoir that holds enough water.


  • Since the two delivery spouts are far apart, the users have to pay more attention when placing the cups under the head of the brew.
  • The power input, diameter of portafilter basket and size of reservoir are not mentioned.

Black+Decker CM2035B 12-Cup Thermal Coffeemaker

Enjoy a cup of fresh coffee or espresso every day. The Black+Decker CM2035B 12-Cup Thermal Coffeemaker provides the incredible system with vacuum-sealed stainless steel thermal carafe. It keeps the coffee temperature for hours. Set the strength of your brew with the automatic setting, whether it is bold, regular, or strong.


  • The Carafe with a wide opening. It allows a fast and easy cleanup.
  • Brew strength selector and 1-4 cup brewing option.
  • Evenstream showerhead that extracts maximum flavor, dispenses water, and wastes less.
  • Large capacity carafe (12 cup).
  • Easy to clean and eye-catching exterior


  • The time display doesn’t light up, making it hard to view the clock.
  • No filter.
  • It is a little bit hassle to fill it because of the big flip lid on top. It requires pulling out from under the cabinet
  • When unplugged, it loses program memory and time.

BUNN BT Velocity Brew

Bunn BT Velocity Brew has a unique reservoir-style unit. This unit brews up to 10 cups of coffee in just 3 minutes. It also keeps hot water available for coffee, tea or other uses. This machine features the Classic Bunn thermal carafe home brewer design.


  • It is able to brew up to 10 cups of coffee drinks in just 3 minutes.
  • Unique spray head that ensures complete extraction of coffee flavor.
  • The vacuum insulated thermal carafe is designed in double wall, keeping the warm temperature for up to 2 hours.
  • Durable and dishwasher safe.
  • Stainless steel water tank features internal thermostat and 800-watt heater.


  • The spray head is too strong if you use fine grounds. It causes a lot of coffee sprinkles.
  • The water tank is too hot to the touch, and doesn’t work as efficient as it could be.

Breville ESP8XL Cafe Roma Stainless Espresso Maker

This machine has a thermoblock heating system which is able to extracts espresso drink at the perfect temperature. A full 15 bars of pressure maximizes crema for a rich aroma and taste.


  • Removable grid and drip tray with frothing jug.
  • Stainless steel material with 15-bar thermoblock pump.
  • Dual-wall filter system that creates perfect creama.
  • Including stainless steel accessories such as measuring spoon, cleaning tool tamping tool, and frothing pitcher.
  • Easy to use.


  • It is noisy.
  • It doesn’t grind coffee.

Keurig Rivo Espresso, Cappuccino & Latte System with Lavazza Sampler

Keurig technology in this machine allows you to brew espresso and froth any type of fresh milk just by touching a button. Overall, this machine provides simple, easy, and quick proves to make a delicious drink.  It comes with variety pack of Lavazza’s signature blends. The difference of this series compared with other Keurig series is that it doesn’t use K-cups but Lavazza coffee pods


  • Brew in just 1 minute.
  • Offers 3 frothing modes: latte, cappuccino, and cold froth.
  • Elegant design enables you to brew both froth milk and espresso at the same time.
  • Energy-saving mode with automatic on/off function.
  • The water reservoir is removable.


  • The milk foam container keeps beeping that it is inserted the wrong way.
  • Just allows limited type of usable pods.

Keurig Rivo Cappuccino and Latte System

Keurig technology in this machine allows you to brew espresso and froth any type of fresh milk just by touching a button.  Overall, this machine provides simple, easy, and quick proves to make a delicious drink.


  • It is able to froth milk on one side and brew on the other.
  • Removable water reservoir.
  • Energy-saving mode automatic on/off setting.
  • 3 frothing modes.


  • It is possibly hard to track down the pods
  • Lower shot temperature.

So, which one you will choose from the list of the coffee maker above? When it comes to the best coffee and espresso maker, it should be less of cons and more pros. When a machine is eye catching outside, it doesn’t mean it provides all you need. Well, knowing all the specifications is a must.

Top 10 Best Buy Coffee Makers of 2018 Reviews

Drinking coffee is more than a need to quench the thirst. It becomes a lifestyle. In order to create excellent coffee, a talented barista is required. Unfortunately, barista can only be found in café. That is when a coffee maker comes the facilitate people who wants to enjoy coffee without having barista to make it for them. Countless products of the best buy coffee makers are available in the market these days. Coffee makers work efficiently. Most people like those products since they are able to create delicious and warm coffee at any time they want.

People need coffee makers for several reasons. The main reason is they want to enjoy coffee without going to nearby café. The price of some coffee makers might be expensive. However, they are a good investment, particularly when people who purchasing them enjoy drinking coffee. Due to the high caffeine on coffee, people are also taking advantage of coffee to help them staying up late. Using coffee makers to help them doing so is a convenience use of this machine. The best part about having coffee maker is its easy operational. Most importantly, it is also easy to clean as well.

Top 10 Best Buy Coffee Makers

  1. Bonavita BV1900TS Carafe Coffee Stainless

Bonavita BV1900TS Carafe Coffee Stainless is the first coffee brewer in the list. This product is able to complete the process of brewing coffee in a single touch. Of course the user is able to turn off the automation feature. The heater of this product requires 1500 watt of power. The heater is designed so that it brews coffee at temperature of 195 up to 205 degrees of Fahrenheit. Customization feature is also added to this coffee maker. The pre-infusion feature is added so that user can use coffee powder that is freshly grounded. The filter basket is specifically designed so that the user is able to get better saturation for the coffee. Getting uniform extraction from the coffee is also possible as well. The filter can be replaced after over 100 uses. The coffee maker is protected with stainless steel. This durable material is layered with thermal carafe. This series is definitely the best option for people who like to drink coffee early in the morning.


  • Wide range of temperature.
  • Simple operational.
  • Customization feature.
  • Pre-infusion mode.
  • Durable material and thermal coating.
  • Multiple uses.


  • Eight cups maximum in a brewing.
  • High wattage.
  • Unpractical pouring.
  • Inconsistent de-scaling.
  • Excessive steam.
  1. Hamilton Beach Programmable Brewstation

One of the best rated coffee makers in the market today is none other than Hamilton Beach Programmable Brewstation. The product name is pretty much telling us what it actually is. As the name suggest, it is well known for the programmable feature. Users are able to program the amount of coffee and its concentration. Setting the brewer to brew coffee early in the morning is possible with this coffee maker. The internal heater of this series is featuring enclosed system of brewing. Therefore, it is able to maintain the brewing temperature at ideal level. Due to this superior feature, the coffee can be enjoyable in the same temperature even the coffee has been completed the brewing four hours ago. The maximum capacity of coffee that can be brewed in this machine is up to 12 cups. The coffee is hold in the internal tank. It means that carafe is not required. The internal tank can be removed easily. It allows the user to clean the tank and put it back in the place where it belongs.


  • Programmable feature for convenience use.
  • Enclosed system to maintain brewing temperature.
  • Brews up to 12 cups.
  • Carafe is not required.
  • Removable internal tank.


  • Monitoring how much coffee left is impossible.
  • Complicated use of programmable setting.
  1. KitchenAid KCM1204WH 12 Cup Coffee Brewing

For coffee addicts who need coffee maker with simple operational, the KitchenAid KCM12040OB is one of the recommended products. As the best cheap coffee maker, it comes in modern and elegant design. This design makes it suitable decoration for kitchen interior. Other than the easy operational, it can also be programmed to make coffee in specific hours of the day. Users are able to adjust the concentration setting in order to get delicious coffee according to their liking. This setting is mostly usable if the user wants to brew bold coffee with high concentration. The setting of this coffee maker can also be used to brew coffee in small batch. The best feature that can be used from this product is the controlling progress of the coffee brewing. Users are able to pour the coffee even though the coffee has not completed the brewing process.


  • Elegantly designed.
  • Easy operational for convenience use.
  • Programmable feature.
  • Adjustable concentration setting.
  • Complete control of brewing process.


  • Issues on the coffee taste.
  • Frequent overflowing water.
  • Heating problems.
  1. Cuisinart DCC 3200 Stainless Programmable Coffeemaker

Cuisinart is a company of kitchen appliances that is able to create elegant products. The Cuisinart DCC-3200 Stainless Programmable Coffeemaker is modern product. The exterior of this coffee machine is covered with stainless material. This material makes it looks durable without ignoring the visual presentation of the product itself. The gold tone of the coffee machine looks suitable for luxurious kitchen interior. The manufacturer promises that users are able to get hotter coffee at any time. Even though the coffee comes in hot temperature, the flavor and taste of the coffee is excellent. The setting also comes with adjustable feature. Users can adjust the temperature of the coffee according to their preferences. Other than having unbeatable performance, it is also able to make good morning coffee. Users only need to take advantage of programmable feature on the control panel. Plenty of people who already use this product mention that they are enjoying the coffee made by the machine. The coffee is comparable to coffee made by professional barista.


  • Impressive product appearance with gold tone.
  • Durable exterior.
  • Brew coffee at ideal temperature.
  • Comes with programmable feature.
  • Easy pouring due to the carafe.


  • Difficult time programming.
  • Frequent complaint on removing the carafe.
  • Only able to accommodate up to four cups.
  1. Cuisinart Central DCC 1200 Programmable Coffeemaker

For those of you who are looking for top rated coffee makers, you need to put Cuisinart Central DCC 1200 Programmable Coffeemaker. This particular product is well known for its compact and sleek design. The manufacturer never ceases to amaze its customer with modern product appearance. Other than its modern design, this series also comes with futuristic feature. The programmable feature allows the user to brew coffee automatically at specific hour of the day. The high capacity of its carafe allows user to brew coffee for plenty of people at the same time. The ergonomic handle is designed for easy pouring. The package comes with charcoal water filter. It is able to brew fresh coffee powder to maintain the refreshing flavor and taste of the coffee.


  • Compact and sleek design for practical placement in the kitchen.
  • Modern programmable feature.
  • Brews up to 12 cups of coffee simultaneously.
  • Easy pouring with ergonomic handle.
  • Complete package of charcoal water filter, measuring scoop, and instruction book.


  • Brewing takes long time to complete.
  • Difficulty to keep temperature at ideal level.
  1. Black Decker CM2035B Programmable Coffeemaker

Black Decker is the manufacturer of the best coffee maker on the market. One of its flagship products is the Black Decker CM2035B Programmable Coffeemaker. Before going on the performance of this product, the specification comes first. The product is designed in compact shape. It allows the users to place it anywhere in their kitchen. The carafe is made out of durable material. This material is able to keep the temperature at ideal level for long time. Most importantly, the chasing of this series is manufactured with stainless steel material. The carafe is able to accommodate up to 12 cups in every brewing. As the name suggests, it comes with programmable feature. This feature allows the users to set the brewing to operate in certain hours like in the morning. The carafe also comes with unique shape to prevent it from dripping the coffee. The wide opening design allows the users to pour the coffee according to their need.


  • Compact design for practical placement.
  • Durable material to make sure it last long.
  • Big carafe to accommodate more coffee.
  • Programmable feature for convenience use.
  • Anti-dripping carafe design with wide opening.


  • See through carafe.
  1. Cuisinart 3000 Coffee Programmable Coffeemaker

As it is mentioned before, plenty of coffee maker manufactured by Cuisinart managed to get into this list. The products manufactured by this coffee maker company are famous due to its durability and performance. The coffee produced by this company is also tasty as well. The popular series is the Cuisinart 3000 Coffee Programmable Coffeemaker. Most people are purchasing this product due to the programmable feature. It allows them to enjoy coffee right after they wake up. The series allows users to brew coffee in with a single press on the button. Water reservoir is easy to clean as well. The coffee brewed with this coffee machine is stored on the internal storage. In order to take it, it can be directly dispensed to a cup. The design of the coffeemaker allows it to be placed in any kitchen interior.


  • Durable material makes the coffee maker last longer.
  • Programmable feature with timer.
  • Easy operational with single button press.
  • Smooth flowing dispenser.
  • Complete package with water filter.
  • Removable water reservoir and easy cleaning.


  • Carafe is not included.
  • Small capacity reservoir.
  1. Zojirushi EC YSC100 Thermal Carafe Stainless

The market is packed with products of the best coffee machine. One of those products is the Zojirushi EC YSC100 Thermal Carafe Stainless. As the name suggest, this product includes carafe with huge capacity. It is able to brew up to 10 cups of coffee at the same time. It comes with water reservoir that can be easily removed. Easy removable feature allows the user to clean the water reservoir and carafe. The water heating is able to brew coffee up to 200 degrees of Fahrenheit. It is an ideal temperature in order to extract the optimum flavor of the coffee.


  • Futuristic design for modern kitchen.
  • Programmable product with timer feature.
  • Huge brewing capacity.
  • Removable feature for easy cleaning.
  • Temperature is set ideally for optimum flavor extraction.


  • The coffee left in the carafe is not visible.
  • Small carafe opening makes pouring more difficult.
  1. Coffee Thermal Carafe System CF097

Coffee maker with thermal feature is popular in the market. One of the best commercial coffee maker products with this feature is Coffee Thermal Carafe System CF097. Due to the thermal feature, it is able to brew both hot and iced coffee. The carafe comes with stainless material. The metal material is not only glossy but also able to accommodate different temperature of the coffee. Various types of coffee can also be brewed as well. The large dispensing section allows user to place cups in any size aside from carafe. This product is highly advisable for people who want to open café business. Office application is also possible for this product application.


  • Metal material with great durability.
  • Huge capacity of carafe.
  • Large dispensing section.
  • Thermal feature for various coffee varieties.


  • Metal carafe makes impossible to monitor the amount of coffee left.
  • Big dimension makes it needs larger space.
  1. Keurig K55 Coffee Maker

Compared to any product in this list, the Keurig K55 Coffee Maker is considered as the best selling coffee maker. This product is sell well in the market due to the plenty features it has to offer. The water reservoir is placed inside the product. Therefore, it does not need carafe. The coffee can be dispensed in the cup directly without any problem. With as single press, a fresh coffee will be processed and poured. The water reservoir can be effortlessly removed as well. That makes the cleaning process can be performed easier. The coffee maker comes with black design that emphasizes its elegant touch. The heater of this product is also able to maintain the brewing in ideal temperature for better flavor.


  • Elegant design for any kitchen.
  • Programmable feature.
  • Removable water reservoir for easy cleaning.
  • Automation feature that turns off automatically when not being used.
  • Poured to the cup directly.


  • Carafe is not included in the package.
  • Difficult to monitor the amount of coffee left.
  • Frequent replacement of coffee filter is required.
  • Spilling more often.

The list above mentions about coffee maker products with their respective feature. Each of them is chosen based on the quality and performance they have to offer. Brewing a coffee regularly with coffee maker can be performed with those products. However, there is a controversy related on using coffee makers. Experts on coffee often say that even the best coffee maker cannot replicate the excellent taste of coffee created by talented barista. In order to understand it, it is important to know the process of creating coffee by using coffee maker. The machine grinds coffee beans into powder and transfers it to container. The powder is stored until it is needed to make a coffee. That is the preparation step of creating coffee with the machine.

When a user presses the button, the coffee powder is combined with warm water. The water is warmed with electric powered component. After that, the coffee is filtered and poured in the container. User can pour the coffee out of the container to the cup and enjoy it while it still warm. The amount of coffee poured into the container can be adjusted according to how much it is needed. In other hand, barista grind the coffee beans separately. Coffee powder is combined with warm water and filtered afterwards. Pouring the coffee into a cup is the final step of this process. Additional creamer and sugar can be added according to the preference of people who want to drink it.

To sum it all up, the process is not that different with how barista used to make the coffee. However, most of the best buy coffee makers are processing the coffee beans automatically. Barista who makes them manually have better control on the quality of the coffee. Several indicators such as temperature, concentration, and other can be controlled when barista makes the coffee. That being said, coffee machine still sell well on the market these days due to its practical use. People who are using coffee makers are most likely leaning towards its practical use rather than its taste.